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Christmas Beauty Gifts and Essentials

IT’S FINALLY DECEMBER YAYYY. And what does that mean? No one can rain on our Christmas parade anymore. No more ‘it’s still November, it’s too early’ rubbish. 

As the festive period is here and the time of Christmas gatherings is upon us, we all start to think about what we’ll be wearing, clothes and what we’ll be putting on our face. It’s once a year so we want to nail it right? 

That’s why I’ve decided to put together a little beauty guide for this time of year. A few bits that are specifically going to get me through the festive period, from our glow to lasting lip colours. And, bearing in mind we may have a few outfit choices, I’ve gone for items that should be universal to match everything and take the worry away. 

Of course as well, all these these make amazing gifts for the beauty lover in your life! So many people love to try new beauty, so why not treat them to a new face mask with no hassle, or a liquid lip that'll last all night.


So, before we get on to sparkles and colour, I wanted to begin with the glow prep; those products we can begin using now to prepare our skin for the season ahead. I feel these products will suit almost everyone. As someone with slightly oily skin, these have worked for me, and would equally suit drier skin also. With oily skin, we’re always worried if something mentions ‘glow’ we’ll end up shinning like a disco ball, but these I can assure just add life to my skin. 

A big favourite of mine for ages now has been the Pixi Glow Tonic. I first of all find it great for my skin as it removes all the excess dirt and makeup from my face that my cleanser missed. Afterwards, my skin not only feels clean, but over time always gives it more life. I’d highly recommend this as your toner not only over the festive season, but all year round because it leaves your skin so clean and fresh. 

Over the festive season, we often get busy and our skin is really put through its passes. We are constantly changing, everything ends up coming at once and we feel stretched for time. Enter probably the easiest and quickest mask I’ve used. Simply swipe it on, wait 5 minutes, and wash it off. Similarly, to the glow tonic, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and reset for a new day. Because of the colour and think formula, it involves minimal mess, so you can easily wack it on before applying your makeup for the festivities ahead. 

I don’t know what it is but having a bit of a tan makes me feel so good and gives me a little confidence boost now and then. Over winter, there’s not much opportunity for a quick sunbath to catch that glow or a stressful tanning routine you feel you need to set aside a whole day for. You want something that has a lovely colour but doesn’t require a massive scrubbing session to remove and you end up worrying you’ll spend half of Christmas a patchy mess from a dodgy application or removal. 

Tanoligist Self-Tan water is the best product I’ve found to counteract these issues. 

The application is made easy by the simple spray, rub in, and wait order you follow. They say to leave it on for 1-4 hours, however you can easily leave on overnight for a deeper colour. I at first was concerned by spraying it, I’d cover my room in tan, but because of the clear colour I have never noticed any, even on the walls or light duvet. You can apply, and within a few minutes, put some clothes of and it won’t transfer or impact on the Christmas glow you’re aiming for. 

I use shade medium for a nice, but not too deep, tan as I’m quite pale to begin with. I rarely, if ever get patchy sections which is usually struggle with on my arms. It just means as the festive season approaches, you won’t have your tan to stress about because it’s so easy and quick to do. 

In terms of removal, it will just fade of through the days as your shower. It’s only the tricky areas, like the top of the arms or ankles, which may require a bit of scrubbing. Otherwise, I find after showring and using a body scrub once, I can then reapply without any issues which I love! This is definitely one to add to your beauty list for the upcoming season. 


Onto the main show: Makeup. I say ‘main show’ because it’s the one most of us love to use and get creative with. I think we can all agree no matter what your style, it’s the all about the shimmer, sparkles, and trying something different. 


Of course, we need some beautiful shimmers for our eyes, and this palette provides just that alongside pigmented matte shades. The main reason I love this one is the range, from the golds to the pinks, whilst still being small and compact to travel with. All the shades work well together. You can achieve a light champagne eye, or a deep smoky one depending on your choice of outfit and lip colour. 

When I use it, I notice a small bit of fall out, but nothing a swipe of concealer can’t fix in extreme cases. 

To go with some pretty eyeshadow? Some long, full lashes would be nice. For me, I don’t use falsies because my natural lashes are quite long and luckily work well with mascara. I also wanted to go down this route because it’s much more fuss and stress free for long festive days. No need to stress about a peeling lash and running to the bathroom to fix it when we go with mascara instead. 

One of my favourites for the price and quality is this No7 one. It has a full brush and catches all my lashes to add maximum volume. I feel when you’ve gone slightly heavier with the eyeshadow, you need the lashes to match, and this mascara definitely does that. 


For this, I’ve gone old school beauty. Back in the days of ‘MAC Hauls’, we all remember their highlighters taking part of the focus. And to be honest, they’ve stood the test of time. 

I feel if you’ve gone for shimmery eyes, you don’t want to overwhelm your face with too much shimmer on top of that. I love how this MAC one has just the right amount of sparkle; easy to notice, not much needed, yet no chunky glitter. I apply with a fan brush on my cheekbones and a dust on my upper lip. Applying with this brush allows for a softer application so you don’t pack too much on and end up with any streaks of shine on your face. 


An onto the finishing touch: the perfect lip shade. Whether you love a bold statement, or something subtle, it can be a struggle to find the right shade and formula for you, so hopefully this gives you some ideas. 

BOLD LIPS- Jeffree Star Liquid Lips/ Gloss

So, after the Shane and Jeffree series, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some bits, and I definitely was not disappointed. 
To begin, the velour liquid lips have such a light formula you can hardly feel it on your lips, perfect when you just want to enjoy Christmas without the stress of a tacky lipstick. This is were I’d recommend you get your bold lip from. When I’ve worn this and drank, there was minimal, if any transfer.

I also just had to mention the gloss. I managed to get my hands on the clear ‘Shane Glossin’ and it’s amazing. Whilst this specific shade sold out, he has more glosses on the website I’d definitely check out.

Another liquid lip which is light and non-tacky which we all though. I’d say these feels slightly thicker, but still last ages and can be easily reapplied and layered without the cakey look. The ones I have are from the Zoella range and one is a light brown nude, and the other a slightly pinker nude. Having the two, alongside a brighter, would create the perfect festive tri, ready for all your sparkly outfits.

What's your Christmas beauty essentials?


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