Wednesday, 4 September 2019

How to feel confident wearing what you want

Forever dreaming of the perfect outfits. Forever feeling too self conscious to try and 'pull them off'. I think it's a cycle so many of us fall into. That feeling when you see someone in an amazing outfit, maybe it's the hat, the dress, or the crazy patterns, but you love it and want to wear it yourself. However, when you feel reality hit you, you always decide you can't 'pull that off'. We all do it.

But why? I recently thought about why I think this, for me at least. Like why can she wear something, but on me it would never work. I found the answer to be CONFIDENCE.

It's usually the fact that they have the confidence to wear whatever I lust after. And realistically, we all think they look great for it. Maybe inside they too feel like I do when the self doubt kicks in. But I would never know.

So, how do you get the confidence to do the same?

There is never a simple answer to the question, but I think it's good to remember what I just said. What makes the people we look at wearing the outfits we dream of so amazing is that they've just worn it regardless of others opinion. And we think they look great, so what's the big reason you won't too?

Just go out in the skirt you love so much, even take an emergency pair of jeans to change into incase it gets too much. But the fact you tried is the first step to having the confidence not to worry anymore.

The funny thing is, someone has probably seen your outfit and loves it. Maybe it's the way you've nailed the casual, yet put together look. Whatever it is, someone has probably seen you and loves the outfit you're wearing and wishes they had it.

And remember, everyone has low confidence days

That cheesy saying people use when they say confidence is a journey, not a destination is true. Some days I feel good, others not so much. So sometimes you might want to just chuck something massively in your comfort zone on and get on with it, and thats ok. Other days, you may feel ready to rock the fab new dress you bought, also ok.

Bit of a rambley post but its definitely something I struggle with and wanted to talk about. I have found though since posting my outfits and sharing my thoughts, my confidence has gone up. I now love experimenting with new clothing and putting outfits together from clothes I already own. And, I was pretty scared at first (who knows why) but now I love finding and sharing my style now.

Enter the midi skirt

Ok, I know I’ve mentioned them a lot recently, but they’re the classic example for me of something I wanted to wear, but didn’t think would ‘suit me’. Then one day something clicked and I bought myself one from Newlook. I felt fab in it at home, but going out in it sort of felt scary. But one a quick trip into town I wore it and felt soooo much better after. And I think that’s the way to do it. Take a small trip, wear the outfit, and see how much better you feel after (not forgetting the little insta snap to commemorate the occasion of course).

In conclusion 

To get the confidence, there's no secret answer other than to remember literally EVERYONE is in the same boat, and you just have to go for it. What's realistically the worst that can happen? What would you say to your best friend if they came to you with this issue?

What piece of fashion are you dying to try out?


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  1. I love this! I struggle so much with my confidence, I see everyone talking about self love, but I have no idea where to start x


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