Saturday, 31 August 2019

The High Street Guides: Autumn Knits

September is about to begin so it's autumn right? Whether we want to come to terms with it or not, the weather will soon be a bit colder, and that means it's time for knitwear. For some this might be hard to take, but if you're like me then you're probably a tad excited to crack out some cosy jumpers and start restyling our wardrobes for autumn.

The high street is already filled with jumpers, cardigans, and anything else we need for cold weather. In this edit I'm going to highlight some of the best bits that are already out and what you really need so you don't impulse buy (because we've all been guilty of this).

I also wanted to bring up that the aim of his series is to sum up what’s on the high street so you can see what you actually need and would wear. This hopefully means we can all make much more conscious choices when shopping in an aid to be more sustainable. So hopefully this guides lets you see what you already have and can restyle and what you could buy that works with your current wardrobe to make more outfits for the new season.

The Monochrome ones

A whole section for plain jumpers? Yes, yes, yes. A good way to ease yourself into jumper season is to have a light coloured jumper. They will match well with summer florals to layer over dresses or skirts, and just look a little brighter if you don't want to succumb to autumn tones just yet. Having said that, you also can't go wrong with a black or grey if cream isn't your thing. It means when you can't resist the snazzy pair of patterned trousers, you already have something that you can mix and match, saving you having to buy something to match specifically.


Keepinge Summer Alive with a Bright

Again if you adore the summer colours and weather, why not channel this in your autumn wardrobe and add a bright knit? Whether you go green, hot pink, or yellow, they all work with a pair of blue mom jeans to brighten up a dreary day and keep some of the summer spirit alive.


More Animal Print?

Obviously yes. It seems it's still sticking around and I'm not complaining. Chuck on with a plain midi skirt, or jeans and you instantly add something extra to your outfit. Getting one you feel matches a range of bottom styles is a good way to allow yourself to make new outfits and wear the same jumper without getting bored. Better for your wallet and the environment.


The Chunky Cardi

Lastly I had to do a whole section for the oversized cardigan. I love them. As we transition into autumn, they are perfect to layer over camis so you can keep wearing them, and eventually over a plain long sleeved tee for extra warmth. Plus, they look so cute with mom jeans.


What part of autumn are you excited for?


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