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The High Street Guides: Summer Shoes

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It can be tricky to find the right summer shoes, especially on a budget. Do you go for a bright colour? Something more neutral? Heels? Flats? A mix of everything? To help, I thought I would show you some of my best finds from a variety of categories with a bit about when to wear them.

So the categories are quite basic, but I thought this was the best way to help you navigate what you have, and what you might need to complete your summer wardrobe.


I am starting the most casual and practical with trainers. For me, it is essential to have a go to pair that matches most my summer wardrobe for days when you might be walking a lot or just can't be bothered to sort out your chipped nail varnish (come on we've all had this). I would always recommend opting for a sleek white pair. Whilst they can include pops of other colours, having a light, neutral base means they should match those delicate summer dresses or blue denim shorts outfits. Having said this, some of us wear neutrals a lot, so a pop of pattern or colour on the bottom could be just what we need.

Neutral Sandals

Sticking with the simple theme, next up is a neural pair of sandals. We don't always have the time or effort to put into carefully planning an outfit that works well together. And, isn't it the worst when you think you've nailed it, only to realise you have no shoes that remotely even go? Personally, I have been here a lot, which is why having some neutral sandals that you adore, and are comfy, is fab. Plus, if you're and avid trainer wearer (like me) you have a pair of shoes to fall back on if you need to dress an outfit up.

The Bright Sandals

A massive trend at the moment is a bold, colourful shoe. Many pairs of colourful sandals, in particular red and yellow ones, currently reside on the shelves of the high street. Depending on your style, they may be more, or less essential then the neutral options. However if your clothing is very neutral, or you have the room in your budget, they can look SO amazing and jazz up lots of outfits you probably already have!

Something Different?

Need I say more? Sometimes we are just searching for something unique, the statement piece of our outfit. Hopefully these are some that could be just that for you.
What Summer shoes will you be purchasing?

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