Monday, 8 April 2019

The High Street Guides: SUMMER BAGS

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Hello and welcome to the first instalment of 'The High Street Guides'. This is a new series I am introducing to the blog. As I online shop so much, I only felt it was right to start sharing more of my finds, so that's when I decided to begin 'The High Street Guides'. Every Friday (yes it is Monday and this is an extra this week to get going!) I plan on posting a new mini guide with a new theme, in the hope of giving you an easily digestible insight into some of the best finds on the High Street right now! This hopefully saves you endless hours of scrolling to find the right bag for the season and somewhere to come for some inspiration. As the name suggests, all the products will be from the high street making them something you can realistically buy! They will mainly focus on fashion, but with the odd beauty and lifestyle one thrown in.

A little disclaimer that I will be using some affiliate links in these posts, but would only ever include things I genuinely want to recommend from brands I love! I am also no fashion expert but just love styling clothes together and helping others!

So, my first post in the series is a high street guide to SUMMER BAGS. So many styles, so hard to pick your go-to for the season. Here, I have complied a list of some of my favourites I have found surrounding some of the keys trends around everywhere at the moment.

The Clear Bag

One that has burst onto the scene early this year. Every shop you walk into has there own take, whether that be fully clear bags (for the brave and tidy of us!), patterned ones, or a clear outside with a smaller fabric bag inside. The last of these is definitely the most approachable for most of us on a day to day basis. The clear outside can give the impression of an organised bag, whilst inside the small compartment will hide all the junk we store!
Texture, Texture, and more Texture

One of the things I've noticed the most is how much texture is appearing in the bags category. Whether it be all over, or only in the handle, you can always find it. It's a great way to elevate an outfit, especially if you're wearing a lot of plain colours. You'll see this overlap with some of the other categories but I love how these bags can use texture more subtly, making them the perfect accompaniment for lots of outfits we already own.

The Brights

Can you go wrong with a cute colourful bag really? Whether you're obsessed and always wear it, or often gravitate towards neutral shades, a bright bag can work for everyone to give your outfit the summer feeling we all crave. Its also a great way to include some of the colour trends, such as yellow or neon shades, without feeling too out your comfort zone.

Straw Bags

One we saw last year and is firmly sticking around. The natural look and texture just screams chilled Summers day at the beach. Again, it is something so simple you can pop with basically any outfit (especially if you get yourself a neutral one) to add that summer touch and some interesting texture.

Animal Print

There isn't one area of your wardrobe that has to miss out on the wonder that is animal print. Since it's come back it's stayed firmly on the hight street and I defiantly am not complaining. See my last post here to see how else I like to style it, but one that has caught my attention recently is the bags. If you've been too scared to go for any big print items, why not try a bag to pop with any plainer outfits?

What is at the top of your list for your summer bag?


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