Friday, 15 February 2019

OUAI Texturising Hair Spray

Some of my first memories of Youtube are me sitting in my room watching endless amounts of hair tutorials trying to nail all the styles. Some worked, some where massive fails, but it ignited a love and interest for all things haircare. I noticed OUAI Haircare emerging on the scene a while ago. Admittedly, I feel I am slightly late to the party on this one, but none the less I wanted to share my thoughts on one of their products.

The product I've got is the texturising hair spray. As it's description on Cult Beauty reads, it is 'halfway between hairspray and dry shampoo'.  When sprayed into your hair, it adds grip and texture making styling easier whilst also removing oils. Alongside this, it adds volume to your hair, something I love when my hair is feeling flat and oily when its closer to wash day.

So, as I've already hinted, I love using this product. I've used a couple similar ones in the past that left my hair feeling sticky. This however, only gives my hair more texture and lift, something it definitely needs when it is due a wash the next day (because let's face it, lots of us can never be bothered to wash our hair;)). You can spray it in your roots and throughout your hair and also comes out clear so theres is no franticly trying to rub all the white out your hair when you're in a rush on early mornings!

If you're in search of a new haircare product that is easy to use and adds life back into your hair, then this is definitely worth a try.

Have you tried any OUAI Haircare products?


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