Wednesday, 9 January 2019

A look back at 2018

Everyone says it but how true is it? 2018 has FLOWN by. Like sorry but where did it go? We all say the same every year but it is how it feels! I feel a good way for me to end the year is for me to write  it all down in a online diary to look back at as the years pass. Plus, people who are nosey like me can see how my year has gone;). This is sort of like a highlight real of my year, but obviously it has had it's ups and downs.

As a small disclaimer, like I already said this is some highlights from the year. It's been full of ups and downs but when thinking of the good bits, these times pop into my head.

Probably one of my favourite moments is when we bought our little Cockapoo puppy home. After many suggestions, we settled on the name Loki and he has been best friends with our other dog Oscar ever since. I mean, they have the odd argument but what siblings don't;). Loki has such a caring nature, and even as I write this, he it sat on my bed with me having his mid afternoon nap. 

A 5 day trip to Devon with my family was definitely a highlight. I think the dogs had the best time exploring somewhere new more than anyone else.

How could a two week holiday to Tenerife not be a highlight? From a trip up Mount Teide to morning relaxing by pool and two trips to Siam Park, it was safe to say we packed a variety of things in which I loved and feel so grateful I got to go. I went with family and friends, but without my Mum, Dad and sister which was actually quite big for me too! Whilst aways I also found out I got a Distinction for my first college year and it was so nice to know all the work and tears (literally) paid off.

2018 also saw a trip to Weymouth for the day in September where Loki enjoyed the sea and Oscar watch happily from afar. I got to go in an arcade and play the two penny drops which I haven't done in so long!

November saw me turn 18 and intern which is insane. Then December saw me pass my driving test which also feels surreal and being able to drive alone is still the weirdest thing.

It feel so strange to look back at my year like this but it makes me feel grateful for all the good times I had. 2018 wasn't my best or easiest year which I think with a post like this it is important to say. But, for myself more than others, I wanted to write all this to look back on and see what happened in 2018 that I can feel happy and grateful for.



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