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The High Street Guides: Summer Shoes

It can be tricky to find the right summer shoes, especially on a budget. Do you go for a bright colour? Something more neutral? Heels? Flats? A mix of everything? To help, I thought I would show you some of my best finds from a variety of categories with a bit about when to wear them.

So the categories are quite basic, but I thought this was the best way to help you navigate what you have, and what you might need to complete your summer wardrobe.


I am starting the most casual and practical with trainers. For me, it is essential to have a go to pair that matches most my summer wardrobe for days when you might be walking a lot or just can't be bothered to sort out your chipped nail varnish (come on we've all had this). I would always recommend opting for a sleek white pair. Whilst they can include pops of other colours, having a light, neutral base means they should match those delicate summer dresses or blue denim shorts outfits. Having said this, some of us wear neutrals a lot, so a pop of pattern or colour on the bottom could be just what we need.

Neutral Sandals

Sticking with the simple theme, next up is a neural pair of sandals. We don't always have the time or effort to put into carefully planning an outfit that works well together. And, isn't it the worst when you think you've nailed it, only to realise you have no shoes that remotely even go? Personally, I have been here a lot, which is why having some neutral sandals that you adore, and are comfy, is fab. Plus, if you're and avid trainer wearer (like me) you have a pair of shoes to fall back on if you need to dress an outfit up.

The Bright Sandals

A massive trend at the moment is a bold, colourful shoe. Many pairs of colourful sandals, in particular red and yellow ones, currently reside on the shelves of the high street. Depending on your style, they may be more, or less essential then the neutral options. However if your clothing is very neutral, or you have the room in your budget, they can look SO amazing and jazz up lots of outfits you probably already have!

Something Different?

Need I say more? Sometimes we are just searching for something unique, the statement piece of our outfit. Hopefully these are some that could be just that for you.
What Summer shoes will you be purchasing?

Friday, 12 April 2019

The High Street Guides: 'Jeans and a Nice Top'

Is this the hardest look to nail? I think so. Every time I look in my wardrobe, I see something for every occasion, except the famous 'jeans and a nice top' moments. I think the key is getting a few ones you love, that match both blue and black jeans, that you can make more than one outfit with.

I've gone with three categories: Camis, Blouses, and Shirts. All can be styled so differently and in multiple ways making them perfect to have in your wardrobe when you're massively stuck on what to wear.

Cami Tops

As we approach the summer months, I always take advantage of how many cami tops appear on the high street. They can be styled with basically every type of jeans because of their tighter fit, and can be paired with turtle necks and t-shirts to suit the colder days. This way, you can dress then up and down ready for those occasions you just have no idea what to wear (we all know the ones).


The classic style that we reach for when doing this look. I think the word can sound a bit boring, but you can get some amazing styles on the high street! Wrap tops and button down styles are amongst some of my personal favourites and most on trend this season.


Lets face it, shirts can be daunting. They can feel frumpy and hard to style. However, you can get some amazing ones (in particular some of the animal print ones from Nasty gal) that feel easy to style. I find either a v neck shape, or undoing some of the top buttons to look the most flattering. We also see models tucking in one side and not the other to give it a casual look. Alternatively, you can also fully tuck it in to give you some more shape!

What is your favourite style?


Monday, 8 April 2019

The High Street Guides: SUMMER BAGS

Hello and welcome to the first instalment of 'The High Street Guides'. This is a new series I am introducing to the blog. As I online shop so much, I only felt it was right to start sharing more of my finds, so that's when I decided to begin 'The High Street Guides'. Every Friday (yes it is Monday and this is an extra this week to get going!) I plan on posting a new mini guide with a new theme, in the hope of giving you an easily digestible insight into some of the best finds on the High Street right now! This hopefully saves you endless hours of scrolling to find the right bag for the season and somewhere to come for some inspiration. As the name suggests, all the products will be from the high street making them something you can realistically buy! They will mainly focus on fashion, but with the odd beauty and lifestyle one thrown in.

A little disclaimer that I will be using some affiliate links in these posts, but would only ever include things I genuinely want to recommend from brands I love! I am also no fashion expert but just love styling clothes together and helping others!

So, my first post in the series is a high street guide to SUMMER BAGS. So many styles, so hard to pick your go-to for the season. Here, I have complied a list of some of my favourites I have found surrounding some of the keys trends around everywhere at the moment.

The Clear Bag

One that has burst onto the scene early this year. Every shop you walk into has there own take, whether that be fully clear bags (for the brave and tidy of us!), patterned ones, or a clear outside with a smaller fabric bag inside. The last of these is definitely the most approachable for most of us on a day to day basis. The clear outside can give the impression of an organised bag, whilst inside the small compartment will hide all the junk we store!
Texture, Texture, and more Texture

One of the things I've noticed the most is how much texture is appearing in the bags category. Whether it be all over, or only in the handle, you can always find it. It's a great way to elevate an outfit, especially if you're wearing a lot of plain colours. You'll see this overlap with some of the other categories but I love how these bags can use texture more subtly, making them the perfect accompaniment for lots of outfits we already own.

The Brights

Can you go wrong with a cute colourful bag really? Whether you're obsessed and always wear it, or often gravitate towards neutral shades, a bright bag can work for everyone to give your outfit the summer feeling we all crave. Its also a great way to include some of the colour trends, such as yellow or neon shades, without feeling too out your comfort zone.

Straw Bags

One we saw last year and is firmly sticking around. The natural look and texture just screams chilled Summers day at the beach. Again, it is something so simple you can pop with basically any outfit (especially if you get yourself a neutral one) to add that summer touch and some interesting texture.

Animal Print

There isn't one area of your wardrobe that has to miss out on the wonder that is animal print. Since it's come back it's stayed firmly on the hight street and I defiantly am not complaining. See my last post here to see how else I like to style it, but one that has caught my attention recently is the bags. If you've been too scared to go for any big print items, why not try a bag to pop with any plainer outfits?

What is at the top of your list for your summer bag?


Tuesday, 2 April 2019

The last piece of knitwear you need this season

Spring has finally sprung (yes I had to say it like that) and it's amazing. The sun is out and once again the Uk doesn't quite know what temperature to dress for. Although this means knitwear is about to sit firmly at the back of our wardrobes, I have one more piece that I will certainly be cracking out for a little while longer and had to share for any other knitwear enthusiasts out there.

The item in question is a pink cardigan, mine being from Nobodys Child. Whilst being obsessed with their whole website, I stumbled across this gem. Being a pastel pink, it can make your outfit scream spring and still let you remain warm. I love the fact as well that it can be worn as both a cardigan and jumper, giving you an extra excuse to buy it with it being a two in one ( not that you needed one anyway).

I've styled it here in a couple of ways. Both have used a black turtle neck under (one that can easily be replaced by a cami or tee) and then I have switched it up on the bottom. One outfit uses the midi skirt I adore from my last which you can read about here. The other uses some striped culottes perfect  to start getting out now that the sun is starting to appear. Being neutral in colour, they match any bright colours on top making them so easy just to chuck on and go.

What are you favourite things to wear now the weather is getting warmer?


Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The one where I finally get a midi skirt

Midi skirts are everywhere. I feel like every second photo on Instagram is someone looking amazing in one. And yes, I have finally jumped on the trend because how could I not when so many people look great in them.

Being on the shorter side, I have always found a midi skirt quite intimidating. I thought they'd juts cut me off at a weird point a look veryyyy unflattering. However, after seeing this one from Oasis, I decided to go for it and order one.

I have to say, if you're too scared to try one, I would definitely recommend a wrap style. With the front being more open and therefore shorter, there is less chances of it cutting you off at a weird place, so is also easier to style. I have paired mine with black boots, a black turtle neck, and my black aviator jacket. Pairing it with neutrals is such an easy way to wear it and I think helps make it less intimidating! The yellow bag is the perfect pop of colour for the coming spring months so is a nice touch.

So my verdict is that this skirt is definitely a winner. Its a great length for most people, is flattering, and the print is amazzzinggg. The little touches of pink in it make it the perfect thing to take you from now well into summer. And, animal print doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon, so where's the harm in adding one more piece into your wardrobe?

Have you bought any midi skirts recently?

Photography- @izzymanuelphotographer

Item links:

Skirt- Oasis
Turtle Neck- Similar
Jacket- Similar
Boots- Similar
Bag- Similar 


Monday, 18 February 2019

Rediscovering your Wardrobe

Experimenting with fashion is something I absolutely love. In particular, I actually really enjoy
finding new ways to wear items I've had in my wardrobe for ages. With us all becoming more aware of sustainability and the effects fast fashion can have, it's always good to be thinking about how we can re-wear items we already own and buying things with this in mind. It seems like little step but it's one in the right direction which is what matters.

With this outfit, I paired together two pieces I didn't originally think to until I had a good look through everything in my wardrobe. I loved how the pop of pastel pink looked on top of the bold leopard print pattern! The jumper also has a slight corduroy texture so adds that extra element to the outfit. Of course, under I have layered a black turtle neck for warmth, but also because lets face it, I like how it looks.

The skirt is from Oasis and has a suede texture to it. I honestly love how comfy it is! With it being fairly neutral in colour, you can pair it with so many colours on top depending what you own and prefer.

I've layered with my aviator biker jacket (which I live in) from Zara and my most worn boots from Topshop. My bag is my trusty Oasis tote bag which comes with me most days when I have lots of bits I need to chuck in a go with. Plus, it's black and as much as I love colour, this is just so easy to use and matches everything.  Of course to finish off, I've layered my favourite Missoma necklaces.

What are your wardrobe staples? 

Skirt- Oasis
Coat- Zara
Boots- Topshop
Bag- Similar


Friday, 15 February 2019

OUAI Texturising Hair Spray

Some of my first memories of Youtube are me sitting in my room watching endless amounts of hair tutorials trying to nail all the styles. Some worked, some where massive fails, but it ignited a love and interest for all things haircare. I noticed OUAI Haircare emerging on the scene a while ago. Admittedly, I feel I am slightly late to the party on this one, but none the less I wanted to share my thoughts on one of their products.

The product I've got is the texturising hair spray. As it's description on Cult Beauty reads, it is 'halfway between hairspray and dry shampoo'.  When sprayed into your hair, it adds grip and texture making styling easier whilst also removing oils. Alongside this, it adds volume to your hair, something I love when my hair is feeling flat and oily when its closer to wash day.

So, as I've already hinted, I love using this product. I've used a couple similar ones in the past that left my hair feeling sticky. This however, only gives my hair more texture and lift, something it definitely needs when it is due a wash the next day (because let's face it, lots of us can never be bothered to wash our hair;)). You can spray it in your roots and throughout your hair and also comes out clear so theres is no franticly trying to rub all the white out your hair when you're in a rush on early mornings!

If you're in search of a new haircare product that is easy to use and adds life back into your hair, then this is definitely worth a try.

Have you tried any OUAI Haircare products?


Friday, 1 February 2019

Skincare Spotlight: Pixi

I feel like throughout my teen years, I tried a lot of different skincare products. Some I stuck with and used up, whilst others I'll admit to using on and off and not really seeing through. Pixi has been huge in the skincare industry for a while, and after seeing so many bloggers mentioning the brand I decided I had to get my hands on some of their products.

So the love actually started with the setting spray which I loved but no longer own (this has reminded me I should get one though). This then lead me to purchasing the well-known Pixi Glow Tonic. Applied after cleansing the skin, it is actually one of the first products I've used and noticed my skin look clearer of blemishes and brighter after using for a while. I have now used up my first bottle and am on to my second (hence the full one in the photo).

I then recently got the 'Rose Cream Cleanser' and 'Peel and Polish'. The cleanser does what it says on the tin: cleanses and cleans your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth like we all want. The peel and polish is like a scrub. I often apply it, brush my teeth, and then wash it off to give it a good couple minutes on my skin. It gets scrubs off that extra layer of dirt from the skin, leaving it SO soft!

What are some skincare products you love? 


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Stepping out of your Style Comfort Zone

For ages I was eyeing up this check coat from Stradivarius on ASOS and a few weeks back took the plunge and bought it. The longer style of this coat is normally very out my comfort zone, but I loved the look of it so much and love experimenting with my style to find new wardrobe staples. 

If you enjoy fashion and styling clothes like me, you too probably always feel the urge to try new items all the time. I love the creativity of finding clothing that feels out my comfort zone and finding ways to style them with my current wardrobe. This coat was one of those items. It feels more sophisticated than some outwear bits I would usually go for which is probably what drew me to it. Having worn it and loved it, I feel it is the first step to me discovering a new side of my style.

I think it is important to step our of your style comfort zone now and then. As you evolve and grow, so does your fashion taste and the things you are drawn to. I think everyone should run with this and wear whatever they feel comfortable and most happy in!

Onto the outfit now. The main focal point in this coat by Stradivarius. It has small bits of pink, orange and yellow in it which adds a beautiful bit of detail, but for the most part it is the pattern which draws your attention. I've put it with a simple cream jumper, washed black jeans and black boots, all from Topshop (wow I did not realise that until now). Of course my favourite Kurt Geiger bag has also made an appearance. I also love styling this with a pop of colour under, whether it be pulling the pink out from in the coat or switching it up with something green under.          


Jumper: (similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop
Necklaces: Missoma


Monday, 14 January 2019

New Beauty Favourites - Jan 2019

I love trying new products out and seeing what works well for me. From haircare to makeup and everything in between. Sharing these discoveries on here only seems the logical next step to me;)

First up is the Clarins Instant Light Comfort Lip Oil. I think most of us struggle with dry lips this time of year and this stuff is amazing at adding moisture and shine to your lips. Mine is in the Raspberry flavour which I love but they have so many others to take your fancy. At £19 it isn't the cheapest but for me if you have the extra money it is so worth it. 

When starring at my makeup brushes a while ago, I realised how grubby they were ( I mean very old brushes can't be doing my skin any favours). I then noticed these BH Cosmetic ones on offer at Beauty Bay and popped them straight onto my Christmas list and my Mum and Dad kindly bought them for me. They cost under £20 for the set and are so soft. They have applied my makeup with no issues and stray bits falling onto my face. I haven't had chance to wash them yet but so far so good.

Next I have been loving this Anastasia Matte Lipstick in 'Honey'.  It's my perfect brown nude. It's not too light, and not too dark. Having been a massive lover on Mac's 'Velvet Teddy' for ages, I love how this shade is pretty similar, maybe slightly lighter. I got mine from Tkmax for around £9.99 I believe and I was very smug about my bargain to be honest;).

Lastly is the Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Dream' perfume. I saw the set including a body wash, body lotion and 50ml Eau De Toilette for around £38 on offer in Superdrug and decided to treat myself. As every Marc Jacobs scent does, it smells so nice but I won't try to describe it as I'm wouldn't even know where to start with describing scents to be honest.

What are some new products that you've been enjoying?


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

A look back at 2018

Everyone says it but how true is it? 2018 has FLOWN by. Like sorry but where did it go? We all say the same every year but it is how it feels! I feel a good way for me to end the year is for me to write  it all down in a online diary to look back at as the years pass. Plus, people who are nosey like me can see how my year has gone;). This is sort of like a highlight real of my year, but obviously it has had it's ups and downs.

As a small disclaimer, like I already said this is some highlights from the year. It's been full of ups and downs but when thinking of the good bits, these times pop into my head.

Probably one of my favourite moments is when we bought our little Cockapoo puppy home. After many suggestions, we settled on the name Loki and he has been best friends with our other dog Oscar ever since. I mean, they have the odd argument but what siblings don't;). Loki has such a caring nature, and even as I write this, he it sat on my bed with me having his mid afternoon nap. 

A 5 day trip to Devon with my family was definitely a highlight. I think the dogs had the best time exploring somewhere new more than anyone else.

How could a two week holiday to Tenerife not be a highlight? From a trip up Mount Teide to morning relaxing by pool and two trips to Siam Park, it was safe to say we packed a variety of things in which I loved and feel so grateful I got to go. I went with family and friends, but without my Mum, Dad and sister which was actually quite big for me too! Whilst aways I also found out I got a Distinction for my first college year and it was so nice to know all the work and tears (literally) paid off.

2018 also saw a trip to Weymouth for the day in September where Loki enjoyed the sea and Oscar watch happily from afar. I got to go in an arcade and play the two penny drops which I haven't done in so long!

November saw me turn 18 and intern which is insane. Then December saw me pass my driving test which also feels surreal and being able to drive alone is still the weirdest thing.

It feel so strange to look back at my year like this but it makes me feel grateful for all the good times I had. 2018 wasn't my best or easiest year which I think with a post like this it is important to say. But, for myself more than others, I wanted to write all this to look back on and see what happened in 2018 that I can feel happy and grateful for.


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