Friday, 21 December 2018

My Uni or not to Uni Debate

What is my life consumed with right now? Too many cups of teas, lots of chocolate (because Christmas is here right?) and my never ending to uni or not to uni debate. Should I go? Should I take a year to earn some money before? What if I stay at home and go to my local university? Can I afford to go next year? So, as you can see, I'm only over thinking slightly.;)

It definitely isn't the biggest problem I could have, but I feel it's one so many people struggle with at this time of year! I thought I'd use this space to write down some of my thoughts in the hope it could help me and others.

What to study?

I know my biggest interests currently lies in the beauty and fashion world. Fashion marketing and management appeals to me as it combines creativity with business skills. Currently, I am studying graphic design and this kind of course allows me to continue with these digital skills but in my area of interest. The Beauty Promotion course at Southampton Solent also appeals to me as its it mixes design with writing, a big focus being on promotion and editorial design.

Moving away VS Living at home

Ok so I know just about what I want to study, so where should I go? A course that massively appeals to me is Fashion Marketing and Management at Bath Spa. It is one of my local universities, meaning I could commute from home. Which, lets face it, will save me a LOT of money! Plus, as you go further through the course it becomes more and more adaptable to you and what you want to learn. Great for someone as indecisive as me. I love this idea and then I always have an internal debate with myself about whether I'd massively be missing out by not moving away and getting the 'full uni experience' as people say?

Should I take a gap year?

Now, I'm not even talking travelling around the world to have a 'life changing experience' or anything (because can I afford that? No). I alway wonder whether I should take a year to intern, earn some money from part time work and take a break from education. It sounds fab but I worry I will never go to uni if I do or just feel after I wasted a year putting off the inevitable. Or, it could make me feel so much more prepared for university life!

Photography- @izzymanuelphotography

Having wrote all this down, I feel better already. Who knows where I will be in a year when I look back at this (probably laughing at how worried I was over what will feel like nothing;)). And, I know my query is nothing compared to what life could throw at me, but I like to use this sight as a place to share how I feel in hope I can help others, and make myself feel a bit better also;).  I think if your are struggling with this, a small piece of advice would be to cover your bases: apply, get a space, you could wait a year to go and maybe get some experience in the meantime to help you figure out what you enjoy!

Are you planning to go to university or have you already been and how did you find it?

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Gift Guide- Affordable, Last Minute Bits

 Ok so it's less then two weeks until Christmas day and I am yet to finish all my shopping. I am probably not alone so thought I would put together a little gift guide of small, affordable gifts to get a friend or family member.
I think when searching for the perfect gift, I sometimes overlook the simple things, so that is basically what this guide is full of! 

I think all of us feel we could be more organised, so why not treat someone to a new notebook or planner?! I love this one from Paperchase which is perfect for the female friend in your life. They stock everything from planners, to themed journals to the cutest photo frames so if this one isn't your cup of tea, definitely get yourself to a store or browsing their website. I'll be linking some of my other favourite stationary places at the end of this post!

We all love to fill our space with greenery so this cute cactus from Next makes a fab gift to give someone, or at only £5 a great secret santa! Hard to wrap but pop in a cute gift bag, cover with tissue paper and water before you send it out and you'll be all good. 
Speaking of Next, they also stock the nicest smelling candles for as little as £4, perfect to add on to any gift, or give as a small token.
Also lets talk about how cute Loki is?!

Lets face it, I couldn't do this and not mention jewellery. These ones were under £10 from Oasis, but Accessorise also do some amazing ones also, from statement to small studs, they have them all. Again with some coming in at under £10 they affordable to give to the fashion lover in your life. 

On the topic of accessories, we all loose hair bands 24/7, so why not give some as a small gift? These coiled ones which you've probably seen give no kinks and are in theory harder to loose as they are slightly bulkier! 

Lastly are the beauty picks. This Nails Inc nail varnish I got in Tkmax for £3.99, so super affordable to get as a gift or secret santa.

And lets not forget the practicable gifts. A Carmex and Vaseline hand cream are two of my favourites and why not combine with a few other bits for a pamper gift for any lucky person in your life?!

Also don't forget to check out any local businesses to show them support! Plus, they often do super cute stuff!;)

Paperchase- Link here
Some other favs: Papier, Ohhdear, Ohsquirrel

Next Plants (more instore)

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