Friday, 28 September 2018

My go-to Hair Care to Bring out the Ashy Tones

For a while now, one of the biggest hair trends has been ashy tones. Whether its going full on silver, or just adding a slight tone to your hair, everyone seems to be aiming for the ashy tones, and I'm definitely no different!

There are so many products in the hair care world which is amazing as I love trying new things, yet very confusing when you are searching for something in particular and don't even know where to start. In the hope of helping someone, I've decided to share my go-to products when aiming to bring out the cooler tones in my hair.

The first product I discovered from this range was the Brightening Shampoo. It is a toning violet pigment which aims to reduce the brassy tones within blonde hair. I first used it after an aim to balayage my hair didn't quite look how I wanted, so needed something to tone my hair back to an ashy tone. This worked amazingly and calmed me down when I went into panic about how my hair looked (lets face it I probably over reacted to the situation but this stuff did work MAGIC!). You leave it one for around 5 mins once applied, then wash it off. It can be used up to twice week and I couldn't recommend it enough.

For my every other day hair washes, I use my trusty Touch of Silver Colour Care shampoo and conditioner. Whilst strengthening and moisturising my hair, they also maintain the colour the brightening shampoo creates. They're so affordable and these bottles last for so long as a little product goes a long way.


3 statement, but not scary earrings

I'll admit it now that I have an obsession. I buy way too many earrings and never feel like I have enough. For a while now, statement earrings have been everywhere which I love, but they can be so daunting to wear! Because of that, I thought I'd bring together three of my favourites statement, yet not so scary ones from three different shops that all sell a variety of amazing earrings for everyone.

The first pair are these red pom pom hoops. The colour adds a statement to any plain outfit or is the perfect way to create a more subtle look to match the colour clash trend. They're from new look and cost around £3 which you can't really go wrong with. They're actually rather small making them less daunting to wear, but the colours makes them pop when in your ears. Sadly, I can't find them online but i've link some similar ones here and I'd recommend looking in store and in Primark for similar styles as well.

Nest up are these tortoise shell hoops from Primark. At only £2.50, their monochrome colours allows them to match almost any outfit. They are my favourite to pop with any basic outfit to add a subtle statement and some detail.

Lastly are these blue, green and gold ones from Oasis. Again, they are not too big so are relatively easy to wear, yet their colour and shape adds interest to any outfit. I love how the colours compliment all the autumn/ winter tones and add some subtle colour to more neutral colour palettes. 

Welcome to atjesskidd

Hi, I'm Jess, the creater of this little site. You might have noticed there isn't really much to see right now, but I'm hoping to change that ASAP! I admittedly have a couple very old posts still going (who knows how long they'll stay though) that I wrote almost two years ago, but I've finally decided to give this a go 'properly' you could say.
I've always had a love for fashion and beauty and thought combining it with my love for writing was the perfect thing to do (as cliche as it sounds but hey ho). Over the years, I've been a big fan of this side of the internet, so mix that with a love for being creative and and a need for a new outlet, it only seems right to give creating my own content a go! Another thing I love is editorial content, whether it be a blog or magazine. From the designs to the words inside them, ever since I was younger I always remember thinking how amazing it would be to contribute to creating a magazine. As time had moved on, so has editorial content and whilst I still love a hardcopy magazine, we have now found a way to share the same message online easily. I'm excited to get stuck in to creating my own content about topic I love!

On this site, you'll catch me talking about all things clothes, makeup, skincare and more. I want it to be a hub of all the things I love, whilst creating content others will enjoy and hopefully gain something by reading.

Please bare with whilst everything is a work in progress!

I hope you enjoy my posts!

love, Jess x

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